Thermal Optimization with Industrial Electric Fan Heaters

Thermal Optimization with Industrial Electric Fan Heaters

Thermal optimization in industrial environments, heating is not just a matter of comfort, but a necessity to ensure operational continuity and safety at the workplace. Extremely low temperatures can affect the efficiency of equipment, as well as the health and productivity of workers. Within this context, the figure of IES Soler emerges, a manufacturer of industrial heating equipment, including electric fan heaters, which have become a reliable solution for industrial heating needs.

IES Soler offers a wide variety of industrial equipment designed to meet the most demanding requirements. Among their offerings, electric fan heaters stand out for their efficiency and reliability, providing an efficient heating solution for various industrial environments.

What is an Industrial Electric Fan Heater?

Industrial electric fan heaters are devices that use electric energy to generate heat, which is then distributed through the air in the environment.Vista previa (abre en una nueva pestaña)

These units are equipped with electric heating elements and fans that allow for efficient distribution of the generated heat. Their ability to efficiently convert electric energy into heat is one of their main attractions.

The operation of fan heaters is based on the direct conversion of electric energy into heat through their heating elements. The incorporated fan helps to distribute this generated heat, providing rapid and uniform heating in the desired area.

Among the entire range of IES products, there are high-quality electric fan heaters, reliable and with maximum durability following electronic regulation, applicable to the maritime, mining, or technological sector. It is worth highlighting the range of ATEX fan heaters that meet very high standards and are very well accepted in the petrochemical, oil-gas, and food sectors, among others.

Electric Fan Heaters at the Alma Observatory in Chile

IES Soler was selected to provide effective heating solutions for the Alma Observatory, located in the Andes mountain range in Chile. It represents one of the most inhospitable environments, where extremely low temperatures and high altitude pose a challenge for heating.

Despite the high altitude and low temperatures, IES’s electric fan heaters have operated effectively, providing uniform heat distribution and maintaining optimal thermal comfort. The model installed at the Alma Observatory is located at an altitude of 5,104 meters above sea level and has exceeded its warranty period with optimal performance. So far, this type of equipment had been installed at altitudes not exceeding 2,500 meters, such as on ski slopes.
The implementation of the electric fan heaters has ensured a warm and safe working environment for the observatory staff, demonstrating the reliability and efficiency of these units.

By: Gi González Carrasco

The Observatory, officially inaugurated in March 2013, was celebrated as the largest and most expensive ground-based telescope in the world at that time. From its high desert plateau offering ideal conditions for astronomy due to its high altitude and low atmospheric humidity, it allows astronomers from around the world to investigate and study the Universe.

It is designed to detect the radiation emitted by cold clouds of gas and dust in the Universe, which it does at millimeter and slightly below wavelengths (millimeter and submillimeter waves).

The Benefits of Electric Fan Heaters

It is clear that the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages when we talk about electric fan heaters. Below, we list several beneficial aspects of this type of electric equipment:

  • Energy Efficiency
    Compared with other heating methods, electric fan heaters stand out for their high energy efficiency, as almost all the electric energy used is converted into heat.
  • Easy Installation and Maintenance
    The simplicity of installation and minimal maintenance required makes fan heaters an economically attractive option. Companies like IES Soler provide technical support, thus ensuring a long lifespan for the equipment.
  • Uniform Heat Distribution
    Uniform heat distribution is crucial to maintaining a comfortable work environment. Electric fan heaters ensure homogeneous heat distribution, avoiding cold spots and guaranteeing optimal thermal comfort.
  • Safety
    Ensuring safe equipment is a priority, and with fan heaters, it becomes an advantage. An electric fan heater installation is safer and cleaner than those powered by fossil fuels, such as fuel-oil or gas burners.
  • Installatin cost
    It does not involve a very high initial expense the installation of electric fan heaters is much more economical than gas, fuel-oil, water, or steam, as they do not require boilers, pipes, valves, etc.
  • Achieving Zero Emissions
    If fan heaters can be powered by electricity generated from renewable sources such as solar, wind, and hydro, they can achieve zero emissions. Currently, new energy storage systems are being developed and researched to make them viable on a smaller scale and applicable to various industries. In addition, in collaboration with their clients, IES is working on these innovative solutions to ensure the use of renewable electricity, even on days with low solar or wind production.

The Versatility of Electric Fan Heaters

The versatility and proven effectiveness of electric fan heaters suggest their applicability in a wide range of industrial sectors and challenging environments. Their ability to provide effective and reliable heating can facilitate their adoption in other high-altitude research and development projects, military installations, among others.

Selecting appropriate heating equipment is crucial to ensure safety and productivity in industrial environments. The experience of the Alma Observatory illustrates how a careful choice, along with a quality provider like IES Soler, can overcome significant environmental challenges and guarantee optimal performance.